Building & Architectural Acoustics

A sign of a successful project is a completed building which people want to use. Whether it is a living space, hotel, office, shop, restaurant, school or hospital, acoustics plays an important part in people’s perception of a space, and how warm or inviting they find it. We've all been to a restaurant that is too loud and nobody can hear each other, or an office which has no privacy. We can help you avoid these issues and make the space as useful as possible.

This is now being recognised with certified schemes such as BREEAM including acoustic elements to ensure that buildings are sustainable because people want to continue using them. We are suitably qualified consultants to undertake BREEAM acoustic assessments and provide BREEAM acoustic reports.

We can provide advice for all elements of any such project including:

Meeting/boardrooms, offices, open plan areas, receptions, auditoria, audio/visual suites

Room acoustics

This is important in your office, so that privacy and concentration are maintained, and maybe even more so in the home, minimising neighbour noise and ensuring compliance with building regulations for new or converted homes

Sound insulation

Glazing and building fabric advice, ventilation strategy suitability

Building acoustics

Masking systems can help increase privacy when noise levels are too low

Masking systems

Advice as to controlling noise from building services systems, plant rooms, and external plant

Building services

Presenting to clients an audio demonstration of how noise may sound in a space once complete, be it road noise, leisure noise or something entirely different


Utilising some or all of these services will help you design and complete the successful project that you set out to build.