Building Acoustics

We can advise on all elements of your building from the design stage to improvement works on a renovation.

Our team can provide site specific advice to control noise in your building, be it internal or external.

As most buildings are located overlooking roads, this is the main source of noise which can affect them. Depending on how busy the road is, developers are often required to control the noise into the building, whether it is commercial or residential. We can help provide advice on the levels of sound insulation performance all your building elements (walls, windows, etc) will need to provide. If the aim is to have a naturally ventilated building, we can advise on the suitability of this, and provide performances for trickle vents or wall ventilators to make sure internal noise levels are suitable for the intended use.

We can also provide advice as to your internal constructions when you need to fit out a building, providing information about suitable sound insulation performances for the intended purpose (between flats, offices, boardrooms, plantrooms, etc), doorsets, ceiling constructions, enclosing services and any other aspect of the internal building fabric.