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What we offer

A noise survey report may be required for a variety of reasons. We offer expert acoustic surveys for all your needs including:

– Environmental noise surveys
– Sound insulation noise surveys
– Occupational noise surveys
– Industrial and commercial noise surveys
– Building noise surveys
– Monitoring of construction noise

We use professional grade (Class 1) sound level meters to undertake all our noise measurements with confidence. Our compact, battery powered equipment allow us to deploy for either manual or automated noise monitoring surveys rapidly with minimal site requirements.

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Environmental Noise Surveys

Most assessment, planning and design works begin with an acoustic survey of the existing environmental noise climate at a site. This provides a baseline level and determines the main noise sources that must be considered for the site.

Noise measurements are usually undertaken over several days and nights to understand variations in the acoustic environment and determine typical levels. These automated surveys involve the installation of one or more sound level meters in suitable external locations to log the incident sound levels. This data is then downloaded for statistical analysis and the noise measurements are summarised in a noise survey report.

Attended noise measurements may be required where a specific noise source must be observed while being measured, where a short duration measurement is sufficient or where the situation does not allow for unattended noise monitoring.
We would usually include a set of attended noise measurements when undertaking automated noise monitoring to sample the variation across the site and measure identified noise sources.

Vibration Surveys

A vibration survey is undertaken where there is a risk that a nearby railway, tube line or industrial process may cause unacceptable levels of noise and vibration in a new development. Alternatively, a new infrastructure project may require preexisting baseline vibration levels to be recorded to ensure that neighbours are not adversely affected.

Vibration levels are usually measured during a short term attended survey when the source in question is identified and predictable. Baseline surveys usually require unattended monitoring over several days by equipment installed at suitable locations.

Surveys of vibration levels are also undertaken in buildings to confirm that the building services equipment is correctly mounted and not generating re-radiated noise.