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Air conditioning and building services are more prevalent in modern buildings than ever before. Most commercial or public buildings have some kind of air conditioning or comfort cooling to maintain worker comfort during the day. It is now becoming increasingly common to find air conditioning in hotels and even in private homes.

We provide specialised advice on building services acoustics by carefully assessing the proposed plant units and duct layouts, and by proposing silencer specifications which would ensure that internal acoustic conditions are comfortable and targeted to the function of an individual space (office, high-end residential, etc.)

We have extensive experience in advising on building services and ensuring that noise from the system does not re-generate any unwanted sound. With our help, you can ensure the correct acoustic environment is achieved, be it a bedroom, open plan office, audio visual room or design studio.

We also are able to troubleshoot existing installations, and undertake on site testing of mock ups or similar installations, to make sure that the system works as required, and is unnoticed aurally.