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Modern living entails that many of us live in close proximity, in houses or apartments. With this, has come an increase in noise levels, internally and externally. With careful design, noise from neighbours can be controlled and ensure future residents will not have to be impacted by noise from the adjacent apartment or house.


To help ensure that sound insulation standards are met, since 2003, Part E of the Building Regulations has required that new build and converted dwellings meet a certain level of sound insulation. Proof of meeting these levels are normally required by Building Control prior to sign off of the developments.

We can advise from a very early stage as to how best to achieve the required level, or an improved level of sound insulation performance.

If you are converting a property into apartments, we can perform sound insulation tests before any works to gauge how well the floors and walls perform, and provide relevant advice to improving that performance should it be needed.

For new build properties, we can review drawings and provide advice on the likely performance of wall and floor constructions, as well as recommendations for improvements if they are needed.

For all projects, we can provide important detailing advice such as wall junction interfaces, penetrations and electrical boxes, which can compromise an otherwise very high performing wall or floor.

At the end of the project, we can come to site and undertake pre-completion sound insulation testing in accordance with the requirements of the relevant British Standards and Approved Document E to show compliance with the required level of sound insulation, ready for signoff by Building Control.

We can also provide advice if you wish to replace your carpets with wooden floors and need to meet a leaseholder condition.