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High noise levels can cause both short and long-term damage to hearing, from tinnitus to considerable levels of hearing loss and deafness. Protection from high levels of noise has been a part of the Health and Safety regulations for a long time, with the latest iteration, the Noise at Work Regulations (2005) covering almost every worker, making sure workplaces are doing enough to protect them.

We can undertake full on-site noise at work surveys for all your workers, be it office, warehouse or mobile workers.

Initially we will speak to your managers and staff to understand a normal working day or week. We then measure the noise levels that different workers are exposed to from all the different activities that they are involved in during the day.

Using the working pattern information and the noise data measured, we assess the noise exposure for your different employees. Where workers are exposed to noise levels higher than the recommended exposure action values we will provide advice on hearing protection provisions for employers and workers. This will include the level of hearing protection, and whether it is is optional or mandatory, in line with the Regulations.

The Noise at Work Regulations has an objective to continually reduce noise levels which workers are exposed to. We can advise on measures that can be taken to reduce the levels by controlling noise at source, as well as annual assessments for companies. With our help you can develop a noise strategy to reduce noise exposure, showing compliance with one of the key aims of the Regulations, whilst protecting your workers.

Our findings are provided in a report suitable for integration into a Health and Safety manual, or for presentation to a Health and Safety Inspector.