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Should you be interested in residential sound insulation, or testing for Building Regulations, please see this page

Sound insulation is very important to how much privacy a space can have. Sound insulation should be considered in all buildings, from offices to schools and hospitals, through to warehouses. 

Spaces require different levels of privacy in parts of the building according to the use of the area. Conference rooms, boardrooms and private offices, doctors’ surgeries and classrooms are all areas where people expect a degree of privacy, so that they cannot be heard outside, and they aren’t disturbed by noise from other areas. 

We can advise on the on the best way to achieve the desired levels of privacy, whilst considering the use of the space, background noise levels and requirements for future flexibility. Our involvement at an early stage aids the process and can feed into the design process for ventilating spaces, suitability of adjacencies (i.e. a cinema next to a library) and perceived privacy.