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BS4142 Noise Impact Assessments

BS4142 for Planning

British Standard BS4142:2014 Methods for rating and assessing industrial and commercial sound describes a method for rating and assessing sound of an industrial and/or commercial nature. 

Increasingly, local authorities are requiring a noise impact assessment following the BS4142 methodology when applying for planning permission. This may be for new industrial large-scale facilities, an extract fan serving a restaurant or a residential development in the vicinity of existing industrial or commercial premises. 

At Venta Acoustics we specialise in BS4142 noise impact assessments and have provided many clients with reports that successfully expedited their planning applications. Our consultants are well versed in the requirements of a BS4142 noise impact assessment and report to address the requirements of the planners. We offer a fast turn around time, provide sensible advice and cost effective service.

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Our Approach

Before undertaking any works, and with client approval, we liaise with the Local Authority to discuss the project and determine their specific requirements. This ensures that the report issued addresses any concerns and avoids the delays due to further requests from the planners.

After the methodology and requirements have been agreed, we will go to your site and undertake an environmental noise survey. This typically involves installing sound monitoring equipment  to measure the background and ambient sound levels in the area over a representative period of time (usually 24 – 48 hours).  The sound levels measured during the survey are used as the basis for the impact assessment.

Details of the new equipment / development are then used to undertake predictions of the noise impact in accordance with the BS4142 standard. The predicted noise levels are compared to the measured background noise levels and a likely impact is determined.

Where necessary, we would offer recommendations and specifications of changes to the proposals to lessen the impact to levels that comply with the local planning requirements.

A technical report is then prepared, worded to specifically address the points raised by the Local Authority, providing all necessary information. This report is suitable for submission in support of your planning application.